Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet the star of my world: Estrella

Estrella is my two year old fawn boxer. She is a very well behaved dog overall, but she has her moments just like any  boxer. Estrella is an exceptionally overfriendly boxer. She can't get enough of her people. Estrella also has a licking fettish. When she's happy with someone, saying hello, saying good night, or just wants to make sure you know she is around she licks you, but im not talking about hey how are you kisses and then shes laying next to you, oh no, i'm talking about she's lying in your lap gently licking  your arm raw for minutes upon minutes until she finally gets the hint after a million times saying Estrella no, Estrella knock it off, Estrella stop it, she finally relaxes along side of you. Estrella is exceptionally loyal though, she follows me from room to room in my house, watches me walk to my car out the window, and guards the house for me. One neat thing about Estrella is that unlike most boxers who bark when they get put in their kennel or as you leave the room, or when you come in, Estrella doesn't bark. In fact almost the only time I hear Estrealla bark is to protect me (such as when someone is walking by on the street, or knocking on the door.) Estrella literally means star in spanish. So as the title preluded here is my corny line: Estrella is the star of my world! Estrella will be in a good number of my blogs, but also this blog will follow my schooling, and the many life lessons I attempt to learn throughout my many crazy adventures.
~ Boxer Freak